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Eduxiy Elulivpe

42   2 months ago

God! The sound of my mother eagerly sucking dick like that...I was hard as a brick and retreated to my bedroom. I left my door cracked open, and those incredible sounds drifted in. I did not feel nearly as guilty this time when I pulled my dick out and stroked it. When I heard my dad groan out loud and my mother gulping down his load, my cock erupted into the waiting tissue. I had imagined she was sucking my cock and drinking my load, and I had come as hard as I could ever recall.

* * *

We were all a little quiet at dinner that evening. I think Dad knew I had heard them, and he kept giving me little nervous, sidelong glances. I'm sure my face was at least a little flushed. Mom managed to carry the conversation for all of us, but she lost her train of thought a few times when she looked at my face or my father's. We were also uncharacteristically quiet as we watched television, and I excused myself early to get to work on my reading.

When I got up, Dad popped up from the couch and gave me a big hug and a slap on the back. "I love you, Son," he said.

"I love you too, Dad," I replied with a smile.

Mom shook her head before she stood up to give me a hug. I realized she had been staring at the bulge in the front of my shorts as well as my dad's. They had been right at her eye level. Her nipples were noticeably hard even through her bra. I could feel those throbbing nubs against my chest when we hugged.

I was careful to keep my hips back from her when we hugged and murmured, "I love you, Mom," before giving her a peck on the lips.

"I love you too," she said softly to my retreating back.

A glance over my shoulder showed me the back of Dad's head as he settled back into the couch. Mom's eyes were glued to my ass and the backs of my legs.

* * *

I read for an hour and then got up to stretch. Since I had already given my parents "good night" hugs and kisses, I did not expect them to come into my room. I was wearing my boxer-briefs and a tank top when I heard the soft knock at my door, but it didn't occur to me that was what I had on until after I had said, "come in," and my mother pushed the door open. Then I became conscious of what I was wearing because my dick instantly hardened in those snug underpants.

Like I said earlier, I had frequently seen my mother in the morning when she was wearing a bra and panties. It wasn't a big deal. I had never seen her wearing the lacy, short nightgown she had on that night, and she was clearly not wearing a bra or panties beneath it. I could easily see her tits and her pussy through that thing!

Her eyes went wide and I realized my straining dick must be just as obvious. We stood staring at each other for a handful of seconds, but it felt much longer. My mother's sexy body felt like it was burning itself into my memory. Finally our eyes met and she whispered, "I wanted to give you a hug before bed."

I nodded and spread my arms. When she reached for my neck and stepped toward me, the bottom of her sexy nightgown lifted up and completely exposed the tiny strip of her pubic hair and the glistening lips of her pussy. My eyes were wide when I looked from down there up into her eyes. Her expression told me she knew exactly where I had been looking. Then her arms were around my neck and she pulled me down for a kiss unlike any we had shared before.

She moaned against my lips as my throbbing shaft was pressed against her belly. I could feel the hot wetness of her pussy as it ground into my thigh. I wrapped my arms around her back as I normally would, and that mashed her big tits and hard nipples into my ribcage.

29   2 months ago

Monica leaned a little closer to me than was necessary. Her voice rose into a breathy little laugh and she seemed to lick her lips an awful lot while we talked. She rested her hand on my forearm and said, "Well, it was so nice to see you again." I did not miss the way her eyes roved over my body before she turned and walked into her office. When I turned to look at my mother, she quickly turned her head back to her computer screen.

In the car on the way home, I asked, "Mom, did it seem like Monica was flirting with me?"

She laughed merrily. "Honey, I don't think she could have been any more obvious. But I don't know that Terri was much better, and she's a married woman." Her eyes glittered when she looked my way. "You've really turned into a handsome young man."

"Hmm," I said. "Do you think I should ask Monica out? I know she's a little older than me, but I've always thought she was attractive."

We had just pulled to a stop at the intersection and my mother's head whipped around to her right. She stared at me with an expression bordering on horror. Her mouth worked wordlessly for a long moment, and then she shook her head and focused on the road. After a couple of minutes she finally spoke.

"Honey, I'd really rather you didn't," she said softly. "Monica and I have worked together for two years and I will still see her at work every day. It would be really tough for me to talk to her if the two of you were sleeping together."

I blushed when she said that. "Mom! I didn't say anything about...wait, you think she wants to sleep with me?"

Mom got a severe case of the giggles then, but she refused to say anything else. When we got home, I was annoyed because it felt like she was teasing me. I'm pretty sure that was what I was thinking when I went into my room to change out of my school clothes. Normally I closed the door, but this time I left it wide open. When my mother walked by I was standing in front of my bed wearing only a pair of boxer-briefs.

I was careful not to look her way, even when she stopped and gasped. She hurried on to her bedroom, and I smiled and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My smile faded as I realized just how obvious those snug underpants made the bulge of my half-hard dick. I knew they really made my muscular legs stand out because Denise had commented about it. I had played soccer for twelve years and it showed. That was what I had intended to tease my mother with.

Denise had also mentioned what a nice, big, thick dick I had. I had not thought to tease my mom by letting her see that. Oh, well, I thought with a shrug. Nothing to be done about it now, I suppose. I'll just have to act like nothing happened and hope she's not mad at me.

Well, she wasn't mad at me. From that afternoon on, though, her eyes seemed constantly drawn to my crotch. It's not like she was staring and drooling, of course. It was just that I kept catching her glancing at the bulge in the front of my shorts and it kept me at least partially aroused all the time. I guess it was just me being immature, but I felt like it made us even somehow. I know it doesn't really make sense. Mom hadn't meant to tease me by letting me see her sucking my dad's dick there in the living room.

Dad became the unwitting beneficiary of my efforts to tease my mother. As soon as he got home, she met him at the front door and kissed him hungrily. Before I could get up from the couch to give him the usual "welcome home" hug, she had whisked him down the hallway into their bedroom. The door did not quite close all the way, and I heard him gasp as she yanked down his pants and attacked his dick with her cock-hungry mouth.

16   2 months ago

In the morning, it was my father who woke me up. He was grinning from ear to ear and I just knew he had gotten yet another amazing blowjob that morning. I got up and stumbled across the hallway to the bathroom. The door was open leading into my parents' bedroom, and Mom was standing in front of her mirror brushing her long, light-brown hair and humming quietly. She was only wearing a lacy bra and matching panties.

Again, it was not unusual for me to see her like that as she got dressed for work. I couldn't tell you how many times I had seen her in her underwear or seen my dad in just his boxers. Somehow, it felt different that morning. It had only been a brief, sidelong glance through that open door, but I shook slightly when I closed the bathroom door behind me.

My mother had a very nice body, and it had never truly occurred to me. Her breasts looked to be about the same size as Denise's full C-cups, and her hips had a nice curve to them that had been missing from my skinny girlfriend. I had started the water for my shower on autopilot, but I was thinking, My mother has got nice, big tits, a sexy ass, and she loves to suck cock.

It was probably a good thing I did not have more time. I'm sure I would have jacked off in the shower while thinking about my mother once again. Instead I turned off the hot water, torturing myself with the icy spray as I rinsed off. I felt like a bad son for thinking those things about my mother and thought I deserved to be punished.

I was still shivering when I came out of my room, dressed for school.

Mom works at the office at the elementary school. It is right down the block from the high school, so she always gave me a ride in the morning. It took me a while to figure out she was looking at me with concern, since her attention was mostly on the road.

I was still shivering after that cold shower, and the car was chilly that morning.

"Are you okay?" she finally asked. "Do you feel sick? Should I take you to the doctor?"

I shook my head repeatedly in response to her questions. "No, no," I replied. "I'll be fine, Mom. I took too long in the shower and ran out of hot water."

It had happened before. Both of my parents usually had their morning showers before I started mine. Mom nodded and seemed to accept my explanation, but then she shivered and a small smile played over her lips. It was subtle, but it made me wonder what she was thinking. My eyes stayed on those lovely lips a little too long, and then I jerked my head forward and tried to focus on the car in front of us.

It was too late. I was already picturing those lips wrapped around my hardening cock.

We got to my school and I leaned over and gave my mother a quick smooch before getting out of the car. She let out an odd noise when I stood up--somewhere between a gasp and a snort--and I bent over to look back into the car at her. Mom gave me a brief smile and said, "Have a great day!"

"You too," I replied. Then I closed the passenger door and she was on her way.

When I noticed the obvious bulge in the front of my jeans I looked around nervously before adjusting myself. I was four steps inside the building when I stopped in my tracks. Had Mom seen my obvious hard-on? Was that what prompted that weird sound she made?

Just to be clear, these subtle little things about my mom loom larger in my memory now. At the time, I thought about them briefly and then went on with my day. It was a pretty typical Wednesday, and I only remember what day it was now because the day before had been "that Tuesday" as I would forever remember it. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I had soccer practice after school. It was the reason I had come home after my dad that day, and the reason they had been alone in the living room.

I did not have any after school activities on Wednesdays, so I walked from the high school to the elementary school after my last class. When I walked into the office, it was only because I was so focused on my mother's face that I noticed the way her eyes worked their way up my legs. She licked her lips when her eyes reached my crotch--not lasciviously or anything, it was really subtle--and then her eyes widened slightly when they flicked up to my face.

She turned and looked at the clock on the wall before turning back to me with a smile and a slight shake of her head. "I had no idea it was this late," she murmured. "Have a seat. I'll be finished in about fifteen minutes."

"Okay Mom," I replied easily, walking over to the long bench seat and plopping down. I set my book bag between my feet and opened the top zipper. Reaching inside, I found the book I was reading for my English class and pulled it out. I had a bookmark in it and opened to the spot I had left off reading earlier.

I might have managed to read a single page while I waited for Mom to wrap up her work on the computer. For one thing, it was distracting when I caught her looking over at me. She would smile and shake her head slightly. The distracting part was the way her eyes raked over me each time. If a high school girl had looked me over that way, it would have been obvious to me that she was interested.

The other thing that interfered with my reading was that two of the women who worked with my mom stopped to say hello and ask how I was doing. One of them, Monica, was just a few years older than me. I had always thought Monica was attractive and I knew she was not married. The way she talked with me that day felt different. I wondered at first if it was my oversexed imagination, but Mom and two other women in the office looked over at us with some surprised expressions on their faces.

20   2 months ago

Okay, so it should not have come as a shock that my parents had sex. I mean, they'd had me, right? It just wasn't something I had ever really thought about. Then one day I walked in the door and there they were. Mom was on her knees on the living room floor, and they both moaned loudly as she sucked my dad's dick. I just froze where I stood and stared in disbelief.

Her slurps were loud and her moans were eager as my mother went to town on that hard cock.

I can still picture it clearly to this day. I was at the end of the entry hall from the front door, looking around the corner into the living room. Dad was standing sideways to me, facing to my left and looking down at Mom's face while his right hand tangled in her hair. Her eyes were half-closed and she looked like she was in a trance as she moaned and hungrily sucked his dick.

I had turned eighteen several months earlier and had recently had my dick sucked for the first time. It hadn't been anything like what I was watching there in the living room. My girlfriend had been tentative and had warned me in advance not to come in her mouth. When my father shuddered and came, I shuddered as I watched. It looked intense. From where I stood I could clearly see the base of his shaft pulsing and my mother's throat working as he unloaded right down her gullet.

What made it even more arousing were the lustful moans coming out of Mom's throat as she gulped down my father's sperm. She shivered all over and I finally noticed her hand was between her thighs. Playing with herself and sucking cock had made my mother have a spectacular orgasm!

I realized I was completely hard and silently stepped back out of sight in the entry hall. I shuddered again when I heard my dad's voice, dripping with gratitude.

"Damn, baby, that was incredible. I love the way you suck my cock."

"Mmm," she replied. She swallowed audibly, making me shiver again. "You know I love sucking you. I'm so happy you had another delicious load for me today."

Another load? I thought. Wait, was she saying she had already...? I shook my head and felt foolish. Of course that was what she was saying. Then I pictured my father's happy face as he came out of their bedroom that morning and knew she had probably awakened him with a marvelous blowjob. It shook me when I realized he had that same look on his face pretty much every day.

Mom sucks dick!

That thought rocked me, and I knew I would not be able to face my parents at that moment. I don't think they heard me when I let myself out the front door. I went for a long walk to try to clear my head, and the chill breeze of the approaching evening helped my throbbing dick relax.

I wonder now how things might have gone differently if Denise and I had not broken up.

I imagine that I would have headed over to her place, that we would have had sex, and that the image of my mother with her lips wrapped around a thick, hard cock would not have remained fixed in my mind the way it did. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. The reality was that Denise and I had broken up two weeks earlier, and I already had sex on the brain.

Now that image would not leave my mind.

I think I did a decent job of keeping that thought from creeping into my expression. After walking around our neighborhood for several minutes, I returned home and my parents welcomed me back. As usual, they both gave me a hug and a brief peck on the lips. We turned our thoughts to dinner and enjoyed a nice meal together as a family as we did most weekdays.

The three of us always prepared dinner together, dividing up the work so that it took little time or effort for any one of us. After we had eaten, we joked and talked about our day as we cleared the table and cleaned the dishes. After that we sat in the living room and watched television, cracking jokes about the shows that we watched.

I went to my room and knocked out my homework at around nine, as I usually did. I didn't have much of it, and it only took as long as it did because I was distracted. I kept picturing that scene from the living room. My parents came in after knocking, as they usually did, and I got up to give them a hug and a brief smooch. It was another normal night for us, except that I felt my dick stirring when my mother hugged me and her body pressed against mine.

Dad hugged me right after I had kissed Mom good-night, and I didn't have the same reaction, obviously. They closed my door and I listened to them talking softly as they headed down the hallway to their bedroom. A few minutes later I got up and stretched before heading to the bathroom. I froze with my hand on the doorknob to the bathroom. My head turned and my eyes went wide as I stared at their closed bedroom door.

Through the door I could clearly hear my mother once again moaning and sucking my dad's dick. After a few seconds, I shakily let myself into the bathroom, flicked on the light, and stood in front of the toilet to pee. Only...I couldn't. My dick had gotten completely hard and I could still hear those wet, slurping sounds coming through the wall. I stared down at my throbbing dick and could not tune out those noises coming from my parents' bed.

Unbidden, I pictured my mother's face in front of me with those half-lidded eyes as her mouth welcomed my hard dick. I closed my eyes and shook my head, angry with myself for even thinking such a thing. The problem was I could still hear her. And then I heard my dad groan and my mother was once again gulping down a load of his dick juice.

It wasn't like they were being loud. If I had not seen them earlier that afternoon, I probably would not have even noticed. I was simply unable to shake that vision from my mind, and I heard them because I was listening for it.

Eventually I managed to pee and finish my homework. I lay in my bed afterward and nothing could drive that image of my mother sucking dick from my mind. I felt dirty when my hand closed on my throbbing boner, but it felt like I could not help myself. It was the first time I ever thought about my mom while I jacked off. When I got close I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a tissue, filling it with a pretty substantial load before wadding it up and dropping it into the trash.

I felt guilty afterwards. What had driven me over the edge was picturing my mother sucking my dick. I'm not sure how long I lay there wrestling with my conflicting thoughts before I fell asleep.

16   2 months ago
ME AND MY MOM part 2

From that day on no one had to hold back anymore. We were both constantly looking for opportunities to touch each other. Touching even her hands felt great. I openly checked her out, she did the same. I began to allow myself to fantasize fucking my own mom while jerking off. Doing so felt great. Liberating somehow. The overall situation back then is best described as two people wanting to make out with each other, but no one had a clue how to start it. Or both were just to shy to start it. The last one might describe it even better.

It just was a matter of time until something would happen. And believe me or not, it happened in the most pornographic cliché way you can imagine: Mom accidentally caught me jerking of to some pics of her I had taken with my camera. No, no creep shots, just her sweat covered body on some hiking trip we went on. And back then I had to watch the pictures on my huge ass computer screen. Damn it, she was -- she is -- a good looking one.

But I am drifting off. I was curing my hard wood. Imagining fucking my mom, when all of sudden the door to my room opened. It was mom. On her way bringing me some fresh washed clothes. She forgot to knock. Totally caught me on surprise. I froze after I turned around and saw her standing in the room.

She froze too. My clean clothes dropped to the ground. But mom came back to herself pretty damn fast. And she began to smile. She slowly walked towards me. Looking me in the eyes all the time. Her doing so brought me back to life. I knew immediately what she was up too. I totally was okay with her doing. The smile on my face told her everything.

I could smell her body as she got closer to me. She smelled great. Then her face came closer to mine. Then our lips were touching. Passionate kissing set in. She jerked off my rock hard dick while doing so. Damn, it her hand just felt great down there. The air in the room filled with sexual tension.

I stood up from my chair, took mom and dragged her over to my bed. Gentle. Undressing her while doing those few steps. She was pulling my clothes of my body. Before we fell onto each other. Before we fell onto my bed we took a few seconds. We stood there, and checked out each others hot bodies. My dick was rock solid. Ready to fuck.

Mom placed herself on the bed. With her ass high up in the air. Exposing her dripping wet pussy. Ready to be filled up with my rock hard dick. So I placed myself behind her. And gently slid my dick in. She let out a moan while I penetrated her for the first time.

Her pussy wrapping around my dick just felt great. I just let go. I let my instincts take over. I just fucked her. I fucked her doggy stile. I was enjoying the moment. Turned on by the great feeling of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Turned on even more by her moaning.

Just a few more thrusts. I am getting close. Mom's body was trembling. Her moaning got even more intense. She begged me to keep on fucking her. She called me a good boy. And boom. My balls emptied themselves into her dripping wet pussy. She came a few seconds after me. Letting out a moan. Stopping in the middle of it.

Then we collapsed onto each other. We turned my bed into mess because we didn't bothered to be careful at all. We just were laying on it. We cuddled with each other for the first time. We kissed each other. We smiled each other. We were happy that we did it. It took out some tension between the two of us, and fucking each other just felt great.

We fucked again later that day, on the next day, the days after and practically at every opportunity we had in the last 8 years.

Well so far, so good, I hope you enjoyed reading the story about who mom and I got together. There are plenty of hot memories left to share, so maybe I'll tell you another tale on another day. Have a nice day.

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